What Should I Look For in a Toronto Family Lawyer

A divorce can be an extremely emotional time in your life. That’s why it’s so important to be careful when searching for a Toronto family lawyer. If your separation is particularly unpleasant, you might be inclined to rush the process and pick up the first lawyer you come across.

If you find yourself in need of a family lawyer, we strongly suggest that you take a breath and try to make a rational choice. After all, your lawyer could make a very large difference in how you walk away from the divorce—and how much that divorce will cost you.

Here are the signs of a good family lawyer:

They Have Good Answers to Your Questions

When coming in for a consultation with any lawyer, you should have a laundry list of questions. After all, this is your opportunity to get to truly know who they are and how they conduct business. Questions such as “what are my options,” “how long have you been practicing family law,” and “what is the most cost-effective strategy to get what I want” can help you give a snapshot of how they conduct business.

They’re Sympathetic (But Not Aggressively So)

When gauging a lawyer, you want one that understands that you’re in a time of distress, and that you might need a little more patience than usual—but, at the same time, your lawyer is not supposed to act as a therapist, and should be able to look at the separation objectively so that they can clearly assess your best course of action.

Be wary if a lawyer who pushes you towards conflict rather than compromise without first discussing your wants and the various strategies. The ideal result in a divorce is a quick, clear, mutually beneficial outcome. Taking your former partner to court for an expensive, drawn-out case should be a last resort, as there often isn’t any benefit financially or emotionally to you.

They’re Interested in What You Want

As divorce lawyers, our main job is to look out for your interests. Of course, in order to do so, we need to know where your interests lie. A divorce lawyer should discuss what you want to walk away with and what you’re willing to let go for it. Again, if a lawyer promises to make them “pay through the nose”, it’s possible that they’re just trying to rile you up so that you pursue an expensive, drawn-out court case.

They’re Ready to Fight for You

While compromise is important, a major part of negotiation is the ability to stand firm and push back when necessary. A divorce lawyer who bends too easily might settle the case quickly, but you may emerge with less than you might have received than if you had more aggressive representation.

Our philosophy is to listen with a compassionate ear, learn what you want from your separation, and then pursue those goals in a calculated, efficient manner.

They’re Just a Good Fit

While qualifications are important, you want to make sure that you like your divorce lawyer. After all, if you don’t like somebody, you’re less likely to trust them, and you likely won’t be able to communicate as well with them. It might seem silly to pass on a qualified lawyer simply because you don’t care for them, but having trust in your lawyer and having a clear, comfortable line of communication is extremely important during a separation.

Beware of These Family Law Red Flags

When considering a lawyer, be cautious of anyone who:

  • Makes ‘too good to be true’ guarantees. A lawyer can fight for what you want, but divorce is often about compromise, and nobody can ‘guarantee’ any given outcome.
  • Divulges confidential information or gloats about high-profile cases. If they don’t respect the privacy of other clients, they likely won’t respect yours.
  • Does not pay attention to you. While lawyers are busy, they should be able to focus during a consult. If they can’t care enough to hear you out, they likely won’t care enough to give your case adequate attention.

Consult with OB Law Toronto Family Lawyers

Through focused, ethical, compassionate, intelligent, and tenacious practices, we have enjoyed a satisfaction rate that we are proud of. However, we don’t want you to take our word for it—we encourage you to come see for yourself.

If you’re facing a separation, contact us for a free consult.

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