Disability Claim Denied: Can your Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

When you’re suffering from a debilitating injury, the last thing that you want to hear is that your disability claim has been denied. While such news can be disheartening, we strongly encourage you not to give up hope immediately.Through swift action, your personal injury lawyer in Mississauga can help you to determine why your claim was denied, and see if we can file an appeal to get you the coverage you deserve.

Why Would They Deny My Claim?

Before we look into contesting a denial, we first need some documentation stating exactly why your claim was denied. This can be obtained from the insurance agency by request. If they simply told you verbally over the phone, it’s important that the reason is provided in writing, as the precise wording might become very important in the appeal process.

There are a number of reasons why insurance agencies deny disability claims. Sometimes the reason is that the insurance company feels that your injuries won’t impede your job (as to qualify for long-term disability, you need to be physically incapable of performing your job), sometimes the condition is one of many chronic conditions that are difficult to approve (such as chronic pain or psychological issues resulting from the injury), and sometimes they simply don’t have all the necessary documentation.

How can a Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

When filing an appeal regarding the denial of disability coverage, it’s essential that you do so through an experienced personal injury lawyer. We will be able to easily identify and correct any mistakes in the documentation that might be prompting the denial of coverage, and are familiar with the requisite documentation you will need to prove difficult diagnoses, or to prove that your chronic injuries are impeding your ability to perform your job.

In fact, for these reasons, it’s often advisable to bring in a personal injury lawyer as early as possible. The sooner we’re involved, the more likely it is that you’ll receive the full compensation to which you are entitled, as early as possible.

If you’ve suffered an injury and would like to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga, give us a call. If you have any questions about personal injury law, or any other type of law, please feel free to submit a question through our Ask A Lawyer.

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