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For most, your house is going to be the largest investment of your life. A home usually represents an accumulation of years of hard work. This is not just a shelter for yourself and your family, a house is the place where you will create some of the best memories of your life.

Given the size and the importance of this investment, don’t you want to make sure you’re doing it right?

A Toronto Real estate Lawyer can help with your real estate transaction in a number of ways:

If You’re Buying…

Your real estate lawyer will review your contracts, prepare legal documents, make sure that the property you’re buying has no associated liens against it, arrange title insurance… in short, a real estate lawyer will help to streamline the process and makes sure that your purchase doesn’t come with any associated legal surprises.

If You’re Selling…

Your real estate lawyer will review the documentation, prepare the purchase and sale agreement, deal with any title issues that may arise, handle the transfer of security deposits, and more. Similar to how they help you with the purchase of a property, your lawyer will make sure that the transaction runs as smoothly as possible, and help to protect your interests if any issues arise.

If You’re Refinancing…

Your real estate lawyer will conduct a title search, register the new mortgage amount, facilitate the transaction, and draft the agreement—much of the same process as when you’re buying or selling, only when you’re refinancing, the agreement we’re drafting is for a bank, not an individual buyer or seller.

The OB Law Chambers Personal Touch

Many in real estate law tend to take a hands-off approach, often seeing the client face-to-face only once or twice, and otherwise dealing with the client through associates. At OB Law Chambers, we believe in providing you with personal service. We’ll take the time to conduct follow-ups, and if you ever have any questions, we’re always happy to take your calls when we can, and if not, return your messages as soon as possible. If you cannot make your sign-up at our offices, we often have one of our Commissioners meet with all of the parties buying, selling or refinancing at a mutually agreeable location and time.

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