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There is an extreme imbalance of power in employer-employee relationships. Fortunately, Canadian law recognizes this imbalance and has made provisions to ensure that employers do not abuse the power they have over their employees. For twenty years, I have been helping workers who have been abused by their employers, specializing in helping workers deal with their former employers when they feel they have been wrongfully dismissed.

Wrongful dismissal cases are very complex, and all of the facts must be carefully evaluated if a client wants a favourable result. My extensive experience in this field can help to ensure that you do not launch a costly legal battle without a good chance of success, and the vast majority of my wrongful dismissal cases are settled out of court, saving you the costs of a lengthy legal battle.

What exactly is wrongful dismissal?

Wrongful dismissal occurs when an employer terminates the employment of a worker without following the proper procedures. Unless an employer has “just cause” to immediately terminate an employee (meaning illegal activity or other severe misconduct), employers are obligated to either provide workers advance notice of their termination, or to pay them an appropriate amount of money to compensate them in lieu of notice. Wrongful dismissal has occurred when a worker’s employment is terminated without just cause and without either advance notice or financial compensation.

Wrongful dismissal also occurs when an employer has discriminated against, harassed, or otherwise violated the rights of an employee. In this case, the circumstances will be investigated by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, but it is also possible to bring a case for wrongful dismissal based on discrimination before the courts.

If you have been fired and think that your rights may have been violated, please contact me right away at (416) 525-8030 or (905) 366-5400. I will bring all my experience to bear to investigate the facts of your case and determine what kind of compensation you are entitled to.

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