Family Lawyer

Family law deals with the issues arises in two ways:

  1. The anticipation of the eventual breakdown of a familial relationship
  2. The actual breakdown of the familial relationship

As society has changed to be more inclusive of what the familial relationship encompasses, so too the legal rights and responsibilities of parents, children and care-givers have been modified.

Family Law serves to apportion the rights and responsibilities to the family upon the breakdown of marriage. These rights and responsibilities are often financial, emotional and social. These issues generally fit into the following:

  1. Divorce;
  2. Custody;
  3. Parenting Agreements;
  4. Access;
  5. Child Support;
  6. Spousal Support;
  7. Equalization of Net Family Property;

Within Family Law we specialize in the following:

  • Family Litigation
  • Contested and Uncontested Divorces
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Domestic Contracts- Prenuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements and
  • Parental Agreements
  • Custody
  • Access
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter
  • Independent Legal Advice

On all family law matters we provide a ½ hour free telephone consultation.

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