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Immigration law is a very unique legal practice. With immigration, no two cases are ever alike; sometimes we’re helping a business to gain status for an employee, sometimes we’re fighting a deportation, sometimes we’re working to grant full status to a long-time resident, and sometimes we’re dealing with a cross-border divorce.

At OB Law Chambers, we realize that flexibility is an absolute necessity, and that no two cases can be treated the same.

A Full Range of Integrated Legal Services

A major advantage of OB Law Chamber is that we have the staff who speak Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu and who can understand Gujrati, and Bengali. We have the experience, and the infrastructure to provide multiple legal services concurrently—meaning that if you require services in business law, family law, or criminal law as well as immigration law, we can see that all your legal needs are met by experienced professionals.

A Wealth of Immigration Law Experience

In addition to our flexibility, our immigration lawyers have decades of combined experience in the field of immigration law. One of our primary lawyers, Sanjay Patel, is a former employee of the Government of Canada Citizenship and Immigration, granting him unique first-hand knowledge of how the system operates.

While we offer a vast array of legal services and an abundance of relevant legal experience, we also believe that immigration law should be accessible. To help our services reach those who need it, we make sure that our representation is offered at a competitive rate, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their dollar.

Immigration Information Resources

We also offer a free online archive of downloadable immigration documents for your convenience. These can be printed, filled out, and then either mailed or scanned and emailed to your OB Law Chambers immigration lawyer. Please visit here for the forms.

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